Top Bob Hairstyles! The 10 Hottest Bobs


Just when you thought that bob hairstyles had gone out of fashion, they start popping out again on red carpets, TV, films and everywhere. With popular celebrities such as Cameron Diaz being a long time bob hairstyle devotee, there are good reasons why this hairstyle may never ever go out of fashion. But while you consider switching over to top bob hairstyles, taking a glance at the 10 top hottest bob hairstyles.

1. The Cameron Diaz Bob

Elle’s winner of best Hollywood hairstyle, there is probably not a single hairstyle hotter than Cameron Diaz’s bob. If you have straight hair, then this style would suit you perfectly. Setting this hairstyle involves texturizing spray when the hair is still wet, while blow drying bangs to a side. The rest of the hair will air dry and you could boast your Cameron Diaz look with great style.

2. Long Bob

Among the hottest bob hairstyle of the year is the long bob, which has hair longer than the usual bob hairstyle, with hair brushing the shoulders instead of the chin. The long bob gives you a unique look but it is easy to get it wrong. Long bob is shorter on the back and longer on the front. It is slightly blunt and is slightly layered on the back. However, layers should not be overdone or it will become something else.

3. Mussy Bobs

Mussy bobs look sexy and funky and this hairstyle is among the hottest trends. With celebrities like Dianna Argon and Violante Placido adorning it, it is noticed every now and then on a red carpet. Mussy bobs are loose and wavy and your imagination is the limit on how you want to wear this hairstyle.

4. Bob With Sideswept Bangs

One of the most popular bob hairstyles is a bob featuring sideswept bangs as carried by Rachel Taylor. This bob hairstyle is relatively more demanding to maintain as it requires regular bang trims and has a fairly shot bob that sticks close to the head.

5. Shoulder Length Long Bob

The shoulder length long bob as Marija Pikic wears it actually stops just short of the shoulders. This bob hairstyle has the hair parted and has no layers at all. You can make the style much livelier by having it layered at the back and ending it up with a blunt cut. You can wear this bob cut with either straightened or wavy hair.

6. One-Length Bob Cut

If you want to wear something wavy with straight hair, then one of the most stylish bob hairstyles to have is the one-length bob cut as Helen George wears it. This bob hairstyle is jaw length and you could add bangs to the trim as you please. Make sure you wear it with longer sideswept bangs if you have a round face.

7. Two-Toned Long Bob

A funky way to wear your bob is to wear it two-toned as Erica Campbell does. Erica wears it with bangs to the side and it looks fluffy and long down to the neck. Thick and straightened hair will bear this hairstyle well.

8. Classic Bob

The classic bob would suit women of all ages, but older women look really graceful in it. The kind that Willow Bay wears, classic bob is a touch longer at the front and has fine bangs. With a symmetrical shape and offering great texture, classic bob would be easy to wear. You can either blow-dry or air-dry it the way you feel. Classic bob is very suitable for fine hair.

9. Asymmetrical Bob

One cool way to wear a bob hairstyle is to do it asymmetrically. This bob features side parting with long jaw-length sideswept bangs. Ashlee Simpson wears a noticeable asymmetrical bob.

10. Long and Wavy Bob

If you cannot figure out which bob haircut is right for your face shape, then a long and wavy bob could do well as it is guaranteed to work with any. Like the one that Ali Larter wears, the graduated long bob has a wavy texture to it. This bob is characterized by beachy waves which are made with tousling your hair as you blow dry and then massaging with sea-salt spray.


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