Top 10 Gifts For Baby This Holiday Season


Still looking for the best gifts to give a baby for this holiday season? Don’t panic, we have done the research for you. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it’s time to shop, shop, shop. We’ve made it easy for you to shop for all your baby gifts at one stop with one click. Here are the top 10 gifts for a baby this holiday season:

1. A keepsake box. Keepsake boxes make the perfect holiday gift because they are personal, inexpensive and will stay with the recipient for years to come. Find a keepsake box that fits the personality of the baby you’re buying for and include a personalized note to go with it.

2. Music on CD. Give the gift of music. Music is timeless and makes for a great holiday gift. Babies and children alike enjoy having a variety of music. The parents will thank you for giving versatility to their collection.

3. Personalized diaper bag. Make mom’s day this holiday with a stylish, personalized diaper bag. No one will have the same one because of the personal inscription. Again, anything personalized makes the statement that thought and consideration went into the gift.

4. Gift baskets. Gift baskets are a way to blow someone out of the water. Gift baskets are great because there is so much in them. They are a gift filled with little gifts. You can purchase a pre-packaged gift basket that come in a variety of themes or choose your own theme and buy small gifts to fill a container.

5. A bib and burp cloth set. This is a practical gift that can be memorable. Many sets are trendy and unique so they will stand out from the rest. You can often find a bib and burp cloth set in a fabric that matches the baby bedding theme. Practical gifts are important to parents because they are something that can be used every day.

6. Silver plated piggy bank. Every child needs a piggy bank so why not make it silver. Piggy banks are a great way to teach children how to save money. You can also include the first deposit in the bank by giving the piggy bank with a little money inside!

7. Personalized baseball bat. A personalized baseball bat is great for little boys. It can serve as decoration until they’re old enough to play with it. It is both ascetically functional and practical for future use – and having it personalized adds that extra special touch.

8. Sandbox. Give the gift of endless hours of imagination and play with a wooden sandbox. Every child loves being creative when playing with sand and what better way to occupy a child and his/her friends for an afternoon. Sandboxes can be a great learning tool.

9. Baby doll accessories. Baby doll accessories will make any little girl smile since this gift will enable her to enter new levels of “realistic” exploration with her dolls.

10. Bedding. Buy new baby bedding or transitional bedding. This gift will be greatly appreciated because it will replace the bedding already used.

Source by Kathryn Hedrick


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