Toddler Backpack – Give a Toddler a Sense of Responsibility


They grow up so fast, in the past few years they have had many firsts…first word, first haircut, first outfit, first shoes, first step, first poop by themselves (well maybe we are still working on that one) first tooth…now it is time for the parents to watch their young one take the next big step in life when their child gets their first toddler backpack. I know it is a huge step (for the parents that just don’t want to let go so soon). But, it is part of the process and the more responsibility we teach when they are young the better chances they have when they are older.

If we want to teach freedom and responsibility here are a few tricks of the trade to make sure that the toddler knows his or her responsibility.

1. Let Them Choose Their Own

This gives the child the independence of choice to help them understand that they are capable of making decisions in their life….this can be a priceless lesson later in life!

2. Make Sure They Know The Responsibilities Of Having Their Own Backpack.

Explain to them that they have to watch and respect their backpack. It can only be used to carry very important things and they should know what is in it and where it is at all times. This can be fun for the parents too. We should make sure they do carry important things in their pack….like coloring books, toys, dolls. Maybe if we want to add a little responsibility we can add things like a bottle of water and a PBJ sandwich for them. And, for some parental safety make sure you put your contact info inside the backpack just in case.

3. Most Importantly….Safety

We are going to want to make sure that your child’s backpack is safe. Meaning no sharp objects on the backpack that can hurt a child. Be sure to look your toddler backpack over a couple of times looking for any straps that look out of place. The last thing we want is a backpack with straps that serve as choking devices. Other than that make sure the straps are padded and the weight is distributed evenly.

Shopping for a toddler backpack is relatively easy with the internet these days. There are so many out there that finding one that they like shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. But having them make a decision might. These days the variety out there for choosing our first toddler backpack is pretty much unlimited. Our options vary from, Sesame Street, Elmo, Dora, rock-stars, Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell all the way to robots, space men, Scooby Doo, trucks, ducks and polka dots. There is even some great info out there on how to build your own backpack.

Source by Christopher Reynolds


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