Tips for the Couple’s Baby Shower


When it comes time to plan the Co-ed baby shower, everything will be different than it would were you planning on a baby shower for girls only. Traditional baby showers were for women only and included loads of fun (and sometimes embarrassing) games. Today, many parties are planned with mom and dad both in mind. This can still be done in a way that friends and family will remember long after the occasion has passed.

The good thing with planning a co-ed baby shower is that you don’t have to spend hours planning what games you will play, for the average co-ed shower doesn’t have any. If you want to add some theme based games to your shower you can, but it isn’t nearly as necessary as in a women’s only shower.

Themes for the co-ed baby shower can range from the novel and fun to something very intimate and special. It’s not that fun parties aren’t special; they will just carry a different feel. When going through the steps, you need to plan more carefully. For instance, when sending out the invitations, they need to be more neutral. Here’s where you want to leave out the pink baby booty invitation. Talk to the expectant parents and see what they want to incorporate. If they know they are having a boy, they may really like the idea of a sports themed shower or one full of dinosaurs.

Not only do the invitations need to be more guy-friendly, but you need to make sure your guest list is full of guys that would come to support the happy couple. The dad-to-be would be far more comfortable with other men to socialize with. This brings on the next task. Where men are, there also needs to be food-a-plenty! Load tables with food that guys would snack on, not just pillow mints and veggie trays.

At a co-ed baby shower, you could place several personalized candy bars on each table that guests can snack on or take home for later. Personalized candy bars aren’t really candy bars with something special about them. It’s really that they have personalized candy wrappers. Inside is a chocolate Hershey’s bar just like we loved when we were kids. When guests pick up the personalized candy wrappers, they will see a message from their hosts.

Personalized candy bars are a great way to have your shower remembered for a very long time. Just about everyone loves chocolate, and a message of thanks to your friends on personalized candy wrappers is a novel way to send them off with something to think about for days.

Always remember to include dad in every aspect of the shower. Let him cut the cake or make a toast to the mommy-to-be. If games are played, make sure they are not so feminine as to alienate the male species of the group. And of course, make sure that dad and mom open presents together. If only mom is the star of the show, then it isn’t much of a co-ed shower to begin with.

Co-ed baby showers are becoming more popular because dads do like to be included in this special occasion. With a little special planning, everyone will appreciate the outcome of such a day.


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