The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Beautiful Women


Do you have long hair and want a hairstyle change, but are not sure whether you want a short hairstyle? A medium length hairstyle is a great place for you to see if you like your hair shorter. Medium length hair usually falls somewhere between the bottom of the neck and the shoulders. Medium length hairstyles look great on most anyone, no matter what shape of face and are easy to pull up if you need to also. This is a great way to see how much you like shorter hair, without cutting all of your hair off.

A medium length bob is a great look for most people. A bob that is cut close to shoulder length is an easy hairstyle to style and maintain. It is versatile too. You can flip the ends under or flip them up for a cute, trendy look. Bobs are also usually easy to pull up into a ponytail or another updo.

Medium length hairstyles can be layered, bobbed, blunt cut, or anything else. This is a great way to frame your face by having medium length layers around your face to brighten up your face. You are sure to find a medium length hairstyle that you will love!

This is also one of the easiest lengths of hair to do many different things with. Updos are very popular these days and with medium length hair, you can updo to your heart’s content. You can add extensions of color, curls, or waves to add interest to your updo or add unusual hair accessories to add color or shine. You can pull just part of your hair back for that sexy look. The options are endless with medium length hairstyles.

Medium length hair can be curled, twirled, flat ironed, flipped out, flipped up, flipped under, and anything else that you can think of. If you have long hair and are considering a change in your hairstyle, then a medium length hairstyle would work great for you! This is a great midway point for you to decide if you would like to have an even shorter hairstyle without cutting your hair in one drastic salon visit.

Medium length hairstyles are a great way to keep much of your length for versatility and to lose some of the heaviness that long hair can cause. You are sure to find a medium length hairstyle that will look great on you and make you feel great too!


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