Sock Monkey Hats for Good Moods


There is no way you can be in a foul mood when you’re wearing a sock monkey hat. Sock monkey hats are a great hit among kids and during the festive seasons, these hats are sold in large numbers all over the world. Baby sock monkey hats are extremely popular during Christmas these hats come in various designs as well. Even big brands and companies are coming up with sock monkey hats these days.

The famous toy characters, titular sock monkey and Uncle Gabby were always a great hit with Mr. Cow. It is because of these characters that sock monkey hats and sock monkey costumes came in fashion. There was a time when kids were hooked to sock monkey comics instead of video games and these comics were the main reason why sock monkey hats are such a hit in the market even today.

If you are looking to purchase a sock monkey hat, it is a good idea to go through the various sock monkey hats for kids over the internet. These sock monkey hats come in various patterns and designs. You can also order these hats on various websites over the internet. If you know how to knit, you can surely try your hand at knitting sock monkey hats for your loved ones. Start with a beige yarn and then with the help of a graph paper you can knit the lips of the monkey. You need to be very careful while knitting the monkey’s red lips as they need to be in the center of the monkey’s face.

Sock Monkey Costumes in Various Designs

Knitting sock monkey hats is a tough task but if you’ve done it once or twice, it would not be all that hard for you. Before you start knitting the monkey’s body, you need to make sure that you slip the stitch marker. Decide on the size of the hat before you start knitting and then proceed with the task in order to get best results.

Sock monkey hats with ear flaps are harder to knit but you can always buy these hats from the stores. Sock monkey hat and mittens come in various patterns as well. These hats and costumes can be purchased for inexpensive prices and of course you have a wide variety of sock monkey hats to choose from.


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