Princess Birthday Party Ideas


Every young girl at one stage or another wants to be a princess and you can give your daughter that experience at least once in her life by holding a Princess birthday party. Princess birthday parties can be quite simple to put together and often fairly inexpensive. It is more a matter of setting the right stage and allowing them to live out their fantasy for a few hours.

The most appropriate ages for a Princess birthday is from ages 4 to 12. This is the time when girls most dream of being princesses and are still young enough to really enjoy a bit of make believe. Here are some ideas on hosting a princess tea party for your child’s birthday.

Guest List

If you are chaperoning the party by yourself, limiting the number of guest to 4 or 5 for children 4 to 6 and 4 to 8 for children 6 to 12 will allow your child to have a fun party and will allow you time to see to every child’s needs.


You can actually purchase princess party invitations online or make your own. If making your own, you will want to use pastel colors and lots of sparkle and glitter to make the invitations look regal. If all of the party guests live near, you might want to get your invited guests in the mood by having dad personally bring each invitee to the guest’s house on a decorated pillow to give the impression of a royal invitation. Be sure to include that the guest should wear their best princess gown.

Party Favors

These princess party favors match the princess invitations that are linked to above and make great princess party favors for your princess birthday party. You can order either the princess candy wrappers by themselves and then purchase your own chocolate and wrap them yourself to save some money, or you can order the fully wrapped princess candy bars that come already assembled and ready to hand out.


Use balloon or crepe paper streamers to form castle arches leading to the room where the tea party will be held. In the Tea room itself you can string white Christmas lights, have topiary trees, flowers and a coats of arms that you can make to decorate the walls. Set the table with crisp white or pastel linens and bring out a lovely tea set. For younger girls you can use a child’s tea set but, make it an elegant looking one, while for older girls you may want to use real porcelain or china.


Delicate finger sandwiches, crumpets, deviled eggs and other tea like foods are great for an afternoon tea. Again for the younger children choose something they will enjoy like peanut butter and jelly or chicken salad. For older girls you can go a bit more sophisticated. Then of course, you may want to serve flavored tea such as raspberry, cinnamon, or even warm cider or a punch.


For children 4 to 8 you may want to have them design their own crowns to wear and take home. Simply make crowns out of poster board and then have plenty of glue, glitter and faux gems on hand for them to decorate their crowns. For girls 8-12 you may want to get some jewelry making kits and let them design their own jewelry to take home.


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