Princess and the Frog Birthday Party


Most parents think of their girl as a little princess, so why not throw your daughter a princess and frog birthday party. Chances are your daughter loved the movie of this timeless tale and so holding a party with this theme will be especially fun for her and her friends and provide many photo opportunities for you. Here are a few tips that can make this party exciting for your child.

Hold A Tea Party

One of the best ways to make your little girl and her friends feel like real princesses is to hold a tea party. Issue frog shaped invitations stating the time, date, and place and be sure to add a note telling all the girls to wear their best princess attire. You can use these tea party candy bar wrappers or these princess candy wrappers as the party favors.

Purchase a child’s tea set large enough to accommodate all the guests. This can serve as one of your daughters birthday presents. Make sure you have a table the right size for these princesses.

Make Tiaras for each guest. These can easily be made from cardboard, glitter and a few plastic jewels. You can also find beaded necklaces in the dollar store as well as glittery hair clips and other essentials to make each guest really feel like a princess.

Fill a clear bowl with blue tinted water and float a couple of lily pads with rubber or plastic frogs attached for a centerpiece.

Food should include delicate crust free sandwiches, and small cupcakes, and other delectable.


Activities should include some great easy to play games for your little princesses. The perfect game for a princess and the frog party would be “find the frog prince.” Simply buy one or two packages of assorted frogs and hide them about the party area. Using a fine tipped permanent maker put a “P” on one frogs chest and then have the children find the frogs. Have a prize for the child who finds the most frogs and a special prize for the one who finds the prince.

You can also try a frog bean bag race. All you need is a couple of bean bag frogs. Form two lines (teams) and place a frog on the head of the first child. Have them walk to a line and come back without the frog falling off their head. Then have them place the frog on the next child’s head. The first team to have the last person cross the finish line with the frog on their head wins.

A good craft the children will enjoy is making their own treasure chest. Simply buy or make cardboard boxes and let the children decorate them with fake jewels and glitter glue sticks. These boxes can then be filled with gold wrapped candy coins and other small objects for the children to take home.

For the cake, here is a Princess and the Frog cake that you can make yourself.

There are many ideas available for your Princess and frog party and the ones mentioned above should get your imagination flowing. Make sure to take lots of pictures as your daughter and her friends will want cherished memories of when they were real princesses for a day.


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