Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas For My Party


I’m new in the business of party planning, so as much as I’m excited to discover new and exciting Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas, I know that I am also running out of time. I have a long list of plans of what I wanted and a good list of suppliers of various products and services that we can use for this event. Why I am still feeling nervous about this? The fact is that I always feel nervous when the celebration involves children, especially this one wherein the celebrant will turn one. I am aware that for the 1st birthday party, the event would be enjoyed more by the parents and other guests than the celebrant.

First Things First

No amount of stress can deter me with what I do best, and that is to plan an event. I know that no matter how this one will turn out, this is going to be memorable, just like how I will always have treasured thoughts about the first wedding, first adult birthday, first bridal shower and all the other firsts that I have already handled in this business where I am still considered new. For now, I’ll just leave the worries behind and focus on the important things that are needed for the upcoming event.

Settling On A Theme And Other Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Before I can dwell on the rest of the stuff that I need to prepare for this event, I must settle first on its theme. I was told that the motif of the decors must be pink. The celebrant is a girl, but they want Mickey rather than Minnie as the central design of the stuff to be used during the event. In this case, I will go with the flow and see what other ideas I can come up with to create a pink party with Mickey as decors. For this kind of business, I only give my clients options, but never will I impose on my personal preferences.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas And Stuff

Mickey Mouse Birthday PartyWhen they are already settled with the theme, my clients can already choose the styles of invitations that they want. I already have samples with me of different kinds according to sizes and prices, everything, of course, include their favorite character. Once they have agreed on the style that they want, I can have the invitations done, along with the tags that are going to be used for the souvenirs and tarpaulin. All the needed printed materials will be outsourced to only one provider.

Settling On Other Matters

The kinds of souvenirs that can be given on this kind of party will also depend on my clients’ budget. They can opt for the edible types, such as mini cakes or personalized candies or chocolates that are shaped like the character’s whole body or its head. They can also choose cute things or other personalized items.

As the planning goes on, it becomes easier to come up with Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas, especially with this one, wherein the clients are cooperative and they give me leeway in various aspects of this project.


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