Inviting the Guests with Baby Shower Photo Invitations


If you have any idea of the history of baby showers, you would know that it dates back over sixty years, to when the new born babies were given a shower. So initially, the purpose of baby shower had been the ‘seeing the newborn’ by friends and relatives of the proud parents. Moreover, in the olden days, the sex of the baby was never known util it was delivered by the expectant woman and thus, people found it difficult to buy appropriate gifts before the birth.

In modern times baby showers are held before the baby is born to extend support to the expecting couple and to gift them with the things that will be needed for the newborn. Now, as the gender of the baby is more commonly known, people can never go wrong in the gifts that they buy. Baby shower are so essential for first time mom, they have a little party for the upcoming new member of the family.

Unique and specially designed baby shower invitations create a good impression on the minds of the guests. The photo baby shower invitations are the best option, since they are more personalized and trendy. If the baby shower is held before the birth of the new born the photos on the card can be:

The photo of the proud expectant mother posing with her protruded belly alone or with her spouse. Photos of the mother or of both mom and dad when they were babies. A sonogram image of the baby in the womb. There are special designs to meet this purpose. The photo of the belly of the expectant mom because now-a-days people accept that being pregnant is not ugly, but beautiful and wonderful.

Even today some baby showers are held after the birth of the baby. If so, then the photos can be as the following options.

The photo of the newborn The photo of the beaming mother holding the infant. The photo of the ecstatic couple with their baby.

No matter what photos or word there are, the baby shower photo invitations will be loved and appreciated by all the recipients.


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