How to Look Cute for a Guy? Here Are the Keys You Need to Impress Him and Get Him to Like You


It’s absolutely important for a woman to look cute for a guy if she’s bent on having him for her boyfriend. If you’re thinking that looking cute simply means wearing the right kinds of clothing, well, think again!

It all begins in your mind.

If you want to make a guy notice you, then believe that you are truly cute. You would never be able to project a cute image if you don’t even believe it yourself. Just as most self-help books would teach you – always begin with the end in mind.

Of course, your outfit would always count.

In order to score high in the cuteness department, you have to know how to mix and match clothes. Don’t just be contented with one way of dressing up. Learn to reinvent your clothing so that you won’t become too boring to anyone’s sight.

Accessorize to glamorize.

Clothes don’t always complete a person’s getup. Choose some accessories that would go well with your outfits. Imagine how a simple, white blouse and blue jeans would become an instant hit when you put on some bangles and large belt!

Be properly made up.

Use makeup that would only enhance your beauty and not cover it. Your makeup has to be natural so your man wouldn’t even notice that it’s there. The more natural-looking you are, the better it would be. But remember also that you should have thicker makeup during the evening. Learn how to blend colors and achieve the look that would mesmerize him.

Don’t have the same haircut year in and year out.

Imagine having a layered haircut for two years! People can tell from a distance that you’re already approaching. Ask your hairdresser about the hairstyles that would suit your face’s shape. Add some highlights, too, in order to make him really notice.

The scent that’s totally you.

If you want to look cute, then you must also purchase cute scents. This means you should steer clear from heavy perfumes. You might want to invest on different bottles of floral and fruity fragrances. These scents add to your femininity – and yes, your cuteness, too.

Play coy but not dumb.

Be a self-assured, smart woman as you get to talk to him. Remember that being cute isn’t equal to being stupid. Read books, magazines, and newspapers so that you would be adept when it comes to general knowledge and current events. Know what you’re talking about and be able to respond accordingly when it’s his turn to talk about anything.

Source by Krista Hiles


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