How to Handle a Newborn Baby?


Handling a new born baby is a difficult thing considering the precautions and care you have to undertake. Here are a few tips to keep your baby in safe health as you handle.

Wash your hands (or use an antiseptic product) before handling your newborn baby. A baby doesn’t build up a strong immune system, so they are affected by infection. Ensure that everyone who touches your baby also has clean hands.

All mothers worry about feeding the baby at first. Newborn will only drink breast milk. This is the only way to get their nutrients. If the mother is breast feeding, then this will tend to happen every few hours. Ensure care to belch the baby frequently as they cannot get the excess gas out for themselves. Handle the baby gently on your shoulder and pat or rub the back to push the air to come out. Try to place the baby face down on your upper leg and pat or rub the air out.

Care more to support your baby’s head. A new born baby hasn’t developed head control; he needs to be carried so that his head doesn’t fall down from side to side. Support babies’ head when carrying in a lying position, and handle carefully to support his head when carrying him in upright position or when you lay him down.

Take enough care in superseding the baby’s diaper and this should happen 8 to 10 times a day with a newborn. Placing the diaper on before applying any rash lotions will result in any infection. Make sure to keep things that you need when changing a diaper. You will need wipes, diaper lotions and diapers.

Dressing the baby is a tough job. Choose clothes that can let the baby’s head in or you can go on the side avoiding going over the head. Try to use good materials for your newborn. It is always best to dress the baby in layers. By doing these, regardless of the baby feeling hot or cold, add or take away layers to enhance comfort.

Be careful to hold your newborn for his first bath will help boost your self-confidence level especially if you are nervous in handling this task. Initially, start by laying him on his back and put one hand under his shoulders, supporting his head at the same time. Keep one hand under his shoulders so the head is out of the water and use your free hand to wash him.

A Baby is not something to wiggle as a vigorous shake will result in bleeding from inside the brain might cause death too. If you want to wake your newborn, don’t do it by shaking instead tingle your baby’s feet or blow gently on a cheek.


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