High-Fashion Hair For Your 2019 Summer Holiday


With summer around the corner, many people will be thinking about or even booking their annual holidays. This means that many will also be on the lookout for the perfect summer clothing to take along, from bikinis and swimming costumes through to casual daywear, sexy eveningwear and cool footwear.

Another thing that you might start thinking about as your holiday draws nearer is how to wear your hair while you’re away. Most people don’t want to have to spend hours doing their hair when they’re on holiday, particularly if they are heading to a scorchingly hot destination. So, what are your options when it comes to stylish yet practical hair for your summer hols?

There are plenty of options for when it comes to getting a simple yet fashionable look for your hair this summer. Forget about having to spend hours battling with the straightening irons or curlers each and every day while on holiday – this can be a real hassle. Instead, opt for simple, chic, sassy and practical.

Some of the great hairstyle options you can choose from include the following:

The casual, tousled look: If you have pretty long hair, you can enjoy a sexy-yet-casual tousled look, which can be achieved with ease. Apply some mousse and give your hair a quick blast with the hairdryer while running your fingers through to add body. Alternatively, you can add some hair product to keep frizz at bay and let it dry naturally, which is even less hassle.

A chic bob: If you want something that looks timeless and versatile, a bob could be perfect. This style that looks great no matter what you are wearing, from a flowing summer dress to a rock chick style ladies leather jacket. So you can enjoy wearing a spectrum of outfits ranging from casual or smart to daring and sexy, making it ideal for both daytime and the evening.

Classic pony: For those with medium or long hair, a classic ponytail is completely hassle-free and gives a wonderful summery finish. Your pony will look great during the daytime with your casual holiday outfits, plus you won’t have to keep messing around and pushing your hair back while trying to cope with the heat. Don’t forget, you can always let your hair down before you go out in the evening – literally!

Cropped style: If you already have short hair or are thinking of going for it, a crop is a great way to take the hair-related hassle out of your holiday. This style can look both edgy and elegant if you have the right face shape. They will also help you to stay cooler while on your holidays and prevent you having to spend time trying to style your hair.

All of these looks offer a high degree of versatility and can look great with a diverse range of fashion styles and outfits.


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