Great and Creative Baby Room Ideas


Welcome! Are you searching for great baby room ideas? I can safely assume that you’ve arrived here because you’re expecting your own, precious arrival. Where do you start, when planning your baby’s room? With a family heirloom, a crib that you have your heart set on, a special baby room theme or motif? It can all be a bit daunting, and there are a myriad of options to choose from as well as key decisions to make. How many pieces of furniture are truly essential? Will the walls be painted with a mural, with solid colors or wallpapered? Do you stick to traditional pink for girls, blue for boys, or go with neutral colors?

Let’s Begin! Do you have enough time, patience and skills to attempt the job yourself, or do you hire professionals to do some or all of the work? Do you plan on keeping the nursery design into their toddler years? If so, how can you best convert a great baby nursery into a toddler’s room? What about decorations and accents? How do you make it all tie together and still have change for their piggy bank?

Your Baby’s Haven. The excitement of impending parenthood brings with it a nesting instinct. Your baby’s room will be it’s haven that will be her sleeping quarters, changing table station, place to play and the center for her developing imagination and growth. Besides a theme, baby furniture, and some cute stuffed animals, you must consider the room’s functionality, comfort ability, and safety.

Get Creative. The baby’s room is the one room where imagination and creativity can soar, where fairy tales come alive, stuffed animals are best friends, and if you so choose, a white ceiling is replaced by a galaxy of stars! The baby’s room is also the one room where you can be daring and bold with colors, patterns, and accents you wouldn’t use in any other room. But as bold and imaginative as you get, it is also important to create an environment that is conducive to rest for your baby. In the first few months, your baby spends upwards of 18 hours a day sleeping. Also, when choosing a baby’s room theme, you want colors and patterns to work with the furnishings you’ve selected for your baby room decor.

Be Practical. On the practical side, outfitting the baby’s room can be relatively inexpensive compared to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. You may be able to borrow a crib and other items from family or friends, whose baby has outgrown their use. However, if that is not an option, well chosen furniture can last well beyond your baby’s first years. Many of today’s cribs can convert into a toddler bed. Additionally, some baby furniture pieces can actually transform into pieces that are well suited for children through their teens. Since that is just too much to even contemplate for now, lets get started. Great baby room ideas begin with our baby room ideas in the left hand column!


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