From Your Baby’s Perspective


Just how much is your baby able to sense in their environment? The answer is that your baby’s ability to sense their surroundings is correlated with their age. Up until two months, your baby sees clearly only what’s within twelve inches of his face. Even then, he doesn’t see in color. Bold, high contrast patterns and simple shapes are the most eye catching to your baby, followed by anything that is in motion. This is why you toy stores carry many black and white toys and mobiles in their infant section.

Timeframe. Not until your baby is six to nine months old, will it be able to clearly see and focus on things both near and far, as well as see a full range of colors. Does this mean that a black and white crib set is the best choice? Not necessarily. From your baby’s perspective, vision and interests change so rapidly in the first six months, that such bedding would soon become a bore. The crib isn’t the best place for stimulation anyway. A few well chosen toys and pictures are all a baby really needs

Promote Development. To help develop your baby’s senses, it is good to rotate toys and other items. Your baby will appreciate a change of scenery every now and then. Hang a mobile with changeable attachments above his changing table. This will provide a distraction for when you’re changing him.

Suggestions. Wall hangings and other well placed items that are decorative and colorful will give your baby something to look at as well. You could even hang a kite or a windsock from the ceiling, perhaps even placing a fan directed at it, to blow it when desired. Your baby will appreciate such things. As mentioned earlier, a ceiling fan not only provides air movement and room cooling; it also provides a source of stimulation in that the movement of the fan blades are an eye catcher for your baby.

Finally, remember that vision is only one of your baby’s senses. Be aware of the textures, noises, and scents in his environment as well. Are the sheets soft to the touch? Have you made space on a high shelf for a portable stereo to provide cheerful tunes for daytime and lullabies at night? What about a bud vase out of baby’s reach for a few colorful flowers to provide a sweet scent and for color?


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