First Birthday Party Ideas


First birthdays are one of the most special birthdays that you are going to celebrate with your child. They are also one of the funnest because of the many traditions that often go along with them in many different families. Often the birthday child is permitted to dig in to the cake, which is extremely fun to watch and just imagine what a great time the one year old is having. This has always been my favorite part of first birthday parties.

A good idea is to make two separate first birthday cakes for this occasion. You will want one that is cut and served to the guests, then perhaps a smaller one that you can place right in front of the birthday child and let him or her go to town! Make sure you have your video camera ready for this event, it is something that you are definitely going to watch again and again and just think of how fun it is going to be to show the birthday child when they get older.

The cakes can be matching in theme if you have a theme for the party. Here are some ideas to use as themes. You could make this butterfly birthday cake as the larger cake that you serve to your guest and butterfly birthday cakes such as this matching cake that is just the butterfly’s face for the dig in cake for the one year old. This is a great idea for a little girl’s first birthday party.

Here is an idea for a little boy’s first birthday. Here are really cute birthday party cakes that are in the shape of a cute and friendly monster. The larger one would be the cake that you cut and serve to your guests and here are birthday cakes for kids that you can make to match the cute and friendly monster cake for the little boy to dig into. Like the butterfly above, it is just the monster’s face.

Here is a great idea that would work for either a boy or a girl. It is an orange cat cake and a purple fish cake. Here is the cat child birthday cake idea and notice how the purple fish is hanging from the cat’s mouth on this cake. Then you can make a separate child birthday cake recipe in the shape of the purple fish. The orange cat would be the cake that you serve to your guests and the small purple fish cake would be the dig in cake for the one year old.

There are definitely no shortage of ideas when it comes to first birthday cakes such as this one with the picture collage on the top of a number one cake. Here’s more 1st birthday cakes in the shape of the number one. These are great cake ideas if you do not have a specific theme in mind for your party other than a First Birthday Party of course!

If you are looking for a theme for your first birthday party, here are a bunch of 1st birthday party supplies that are sure to give you plenty of great ideas.


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