Critical and Non-Critical Organic Baby Products


You have to pick and choose your battles when it comes to buying things for your baby. Health is an important issue. But how far do you need to take it? What products should you definitely buy organic, and what products can you get the in non-organic? Below is a list of what I think is critical to buy in organic, mainly for health reasons. Following That is a list of items you don’t need to buy organic.

Buy These Organics

Bath Products: It’s important to get organic baby bath products, including shampoo, soap, body wash and body lotion. The principal here is simple: avoid chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, methylisothiazolinone, parabens, dioxane, artificial colors, sodium trideceth sulfate and several others. These chemicals get absorbed easily in the skin, and they enter the organs where they may remain and cause problems for long periods of time. Temporary and chronic skin conditions, hormone changes and even cancer are potential results of extended use of unnatural or non-organic baby bath products.

Diaper Cream: This goes along with the above information. A natural or organic diaper rash cream is essential for baby’s short and long term health. Many of the same chemicals listed above are ingredients in a typical rash cream, rather than an organic one.

Food: Whenever possible, give your baby organic fruits and vegetables, meats from grass fed animals and animals not given hormones or antibiotics, and the least processed foods. Buying organic is like health insurance. If you are not buying organic, at least keep processed, salty and sugary foods to a minimum. Childhood diabetes is at an all time high. This is related to diet.

Crib Mattress: You may not realize it, but typical crib mattresses (and regular mattresses), have flame retardants and other chemicals that off-gas for years. This is especially dangerous, considering your baby’s immune system is not fully developed, and not armed with the same protections adults have. Furthermore, these chemicals are toxic even for adults. It is possible that these non-organic mattresses are contributors to crib death, or SIDS.

Not Necessary To Buy Organic

Baby Bouncers: It’s not crucial that you buy an organic baby bouncer. You might consider buying something with natural fabric though, as some baby bouncers can off-gas.

Crib Bedding: You might consider buying organic crib bedding, but it’s not as important as the mattress itself.

Clothing: Again, if you can afford organic clothing, at least in the first 3-6 months of your baby’s life, then I encourage that. Otherwise, stick to natural fabrics, like 100% cotton, wool, hemp, etc. Synthetics are skin irritants, especially for a baby’s sensitive skin.


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