Cheap Baby Gift Baskets


When you’re visiting the parents of newborns, you’d certainly like to carry a gift along, to welcome the new baby into the world and express your congratulations to the new parents. When the parents are close family members, good friends or valued colleagues, then your budget would be slightly higher, but if it’s a casual acquaintance, neighbor or someone you know at the office, you’d like to keep the budget at an affordable level. Perhaps you’ve planned to give a gift basket since that would allow you to put together several small items, rather than spend the entire budget on a single one.

You can pick up a ready-made baby gift basket from a good baby-store in town. These are available in different categories, like below $50, etc and offer a choice of baby-apparel, bath accessories, toys and perhaps a baby blanket or pillow.

On the other hand, if you’re creative enough, you can make up a gift basket on your own. Affordable, pretty wickerwork baskets are available and you can dress them up with ribbons and decorative baubles, tissue flowers, etc. Things that you can put into the basket depend on the age of the baby and the total amount you want to spend. Some great ideas would be soft plastic baby-bath toys, like ducks, frogs and comic book characters, an assortment of soft-toys some of which double up as baby-pillows to cuddle up with, soft face towels, toiletries, musical toys, teething rings, rattles, play-mats, pull-n-play toys, crib-sheets and pillow-cases, baby monitors and digital thermometers, nail-clippers, etc. One gift that parents would really love is a baby hand and foot printing kit. They can preserve their baby’s first hand and footprints in the frames provided with the kit and these make beautiful keepsakes for both parents and the child. Other affordable gifts are fabric or plastic books, which are soft enough for delicate baby hands and yet safe enough if baby decides to chew on them!

If you are a firm believer in buying organic, then ensure that the product is safe for babies and infants, since some kinds of fabric and materials may not be treated to withstand bacteria and fungi from collecting on them.

Another great idea would be to buy one really good, expensive item and a few more slightly less expensive ones and pack them all into a diaper-organizer, inflatable bath-tub, convertible car-seat or toddler-swing and package them attractively.

Whatever your budget, ensure that you buy quality products from reputed manufacturers.

Working with a budget can really be a lot of fun since it’s a situation where you can stretch the limits of your imagination instead of your purse strings!

Source by Jadyn Gage


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