Butterfly Theme Birthday Party Decorations and Cakes


Butterfly themed birthday parties are popular with little girls these days. What’s not to love? Butterflies are brightly colored and fun to follow! Here are some ideas for creating the perfect butterfly theme party for your daughter.


Butterfly shaped invitations are easily found at a discount store. However, if you’d like to do something a bit more unique, consider stamping the front of blank card stock with butterflies, coloring them, and then using the inside of the card for the details of the party.


Use the tableware as your guide for your color scheme. Crepe paper streamers along the perimeter of the room or strung from corner to corner across the ceiling should compliment the colors in the plates and napkins you’re using. Suspend butterflies from the ceiling using varying lengths of clear fishing line or twine. Butterfly balloons would look great placed in a large group behind the cake and gift table. Decorate small terra cotta flower pots with brightly colored ribbon and then fill with the green oasis, and spread Spanish moss on the top. Stick butterflies and flowers on long wires into the oasis, along with small pinwheels, to create beautiful and whimsical decorations.

Craft Ideas

Purchase each child a set of their very own butterfly wings and have markers and stickers available for the children to decorate their wings when they arrive. Once they’ve finished decorating, they can wear the wings for the rest of the party. Give each child a set of antennae to wear on their heads for a complete costume. Look for foam or small wood picture frames shaped like butterflies in your local craft store. Each child can decorate one and take it home.

Create a cake in the shape of a butterfly. Use black licorice for the antennae. Individual cupcakes can also be arranged in the shape of a butterfly if you’d rather not tackle an entire cake. This way, you can easily make different flavors and frost them several different colors to create the butterfly’s wings, body and antennae. Butterfly-shaped sprinkles are perfect for decorating the tops of the cupcakes. Here is a butterfly cake with direction that you can make. This butterfly birthday cake is a little more difficult to make, but there are still easy directions you can follow. Here are some more butterfly birthday cakes that are very cute and since they are simply round cakes, they are super easy to make.


Find or make a large butterfly pillow for the birthday girl. Have permanent markers available and ask each friend and family member in attendance to sign the pillow. Be sure to include the date and age of the birthday girl. This will be a special keepsake she’ll cherish. If you have younger children who are not yet writing, take a picture of your daughter with each of her guests and then maybe a group picture. Create a small keepsake album for her after the party.


Scavenger hunts are fun for children of all ages. Give each child a list (words or pictures) of each item they are to find. Hide small toys around the yard that relate to butterflies in some way, such as caterpillars, silk or plastic flowers, straws, and of course, small butterfly toys.

Send the children home with a butterfly net containing some butterfly toys and candies. You could use these butterfly candy wrappers as the party favors for your butterfly themed party. Use your imagination and creativity and you’ll create a beautiful and fun butterfly theme party for your daughter.


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