Breastfeeding Mothers Attention!


Foods That Breastfeeding Mothers Should Absolutely Avoid

It is very important for breastfeeding mothers to shape their diet according to their baby. Breastfeeding mothers should be careful that the foods they consume are foods that do not cause gas. Because one of the biggest problems of early infancy is undoubtedly gas pains.

The onion you use in many dishes is a vegetable that produces a lot of gas. Your food may be a little dull, but it is one of the sacrifices you have to make for your baby. You can chop green garlic leaves in your meals instead of onions.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Vegetables are the most important element of a healthy diet. It also meets our vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We cannot always consume all of them. Broccoli and cauliflower are also foods that should be avoided for breastfeeding mothers as they are vegetables that increase the gas production of our body.


As well as foods that cause gas, spices also adversely affect the baby’s digestive system, which is not yet ready. It is useful to stay away for the first few months.


In addition to the gas problem, acidic foods and drinks also bother your baby.


Citrus fruits will make your milk acidic, so you should avoid oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lemons for a few months.

Acidic and carbonated drinksĀ 

No matter how much you like it, stay away for a while, as these kinds of drinks will cause diaper rash due to both gas and acid.

Mint and Parsley

When consumed in excess, you should consume very small amounts as it will reduce breast milk. Also, do not consume mint flavored toothpaste, mint gum and candies.

Like mint, parsley also causes a decrease in breast milk. However, do not neglect to consume mint and parsley in small amounts due to their positive effects.

Shellfish and Fish

We recommend that you avoid fish and shellfish during breastfeeding, as they contain too much mercury. Since it directly affects the nervous system, kidney and immune system, it may cause serious differences in the development of unborn babies. However, the most common side effect causes allergic reactions in your baby. Mercury content is generally higher in large fish. Therefore, it would be wrong to abandon fish consumption, which is a source of omega 3 and folic acid, due to its very important contribution to the development of your baby during breastfeeding. You should prefer small fish species with very low mercury content.

Milk and milk products

Undoubtedly, milk and dairy products come first among foods that can cause allergies. If your baby is uneasy, it may be because you are consuming too much milk and dairy products


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