Baby Room Window Treatments



Baby room window treatments are an excellent way to add charm and character to your nursery. Blinds are a good choice for baby room window treatments in that they are versatile and generally economical.The main advantage of blinds is that they are effective in blocking out the sun completely or filtering it while allowing for ventilation. Blind are available in wood, vinyl, metal and textured fabric ones as well. There are a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns available.

The potentially sterile appearance of a blind used alone can be softened by adding curtains or a valance. Blinds come in standard sizes off the shelf, or can be made to order to fit your windows.

Curtains and Valances

Curtains and Valances offer you a myriad of ways to create a great baby room window treatment. While they may do a terrific job dressing up a window, they are not always the best choice, due to being prone to gathering dust, which can pose a health hazard, if your baby is susceptible to allergies or asthma. They also pose a potential safety risk, as little ones may be tempted to pull and hang on them.

However, if this is your choice, curtains and valances can make a decorative statement. You can use panels that are short, long, ruffled, sheer, solid or patterned fabrics. You could then dress up your curtains with gathered, swagged, ballooned valances.


Shades are no longer just a plain fabric on a roller mechanism. Today, shades come in many styles, fabrics and colors. Fabric shades are available in flat, gathered, or pleated styles. Variations on these are Roman, balloon, or cellular shades.

Depending upon the material made, shades are made in several levels of light density blocking. If so desired, you can get a blackout shade, which will allow for a nightlike feel to your baby’s room for daytime sleeping. Just make sure that the shades cover your entire window opening, so as not to let in light from the sides or window bottom. Shades can also be dressed up with a valance or with curtains. Shades are also a good choice for climate control, as they block sunrays more effectively than curtains do. As you can see on our example to the left, some shades even have decorative accents, such as the trim finishing top piece. This adds a professional touch and is a very appealing baby room window treatment, yet costs less than a full valance treatment would.


Louvered shutters can be a versatile choice for providing privacy and controlling air and light which enters your baby’s room window treatment. Shutters can be painted or stained, and some come with a panel that allows you to install a fabric to match colors or theme in your baby’s room. Typically, a contemporary design calls for wide louvers, and narrow louvers suggest a country look. It is really just a matter of preference.

You can get more creative with shutters than you may think. You can have shutters installed to cover the lower half of the window, with a valance or curtain panels on the top. Perhaps a combination of wooden louvered shutters paired with a pleated fabric shade, would be the best baby room window treatment for your baby’s nursery.


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