Baby Room Wall Treatments and Wall Accessories


Wall Treatments can be a simple background for your baby’s nursery, or they can be the focal point. Your wall treatments can set the theme with an elaborate nursery mural or with whimsical wallpaper.

Before deciding on wallpaper or paint, look at the style of your furniture you plan to use in the room. Do the furniture pieces state the theme, or are they basic, a mixed bag of styles, or even a collection of hand me downs? Depending upon which of the mentioned is your baby’s room furniture, will help formulate the best way to treat your baby’s room walls. If your furniture is highly decorative on its own, use soft colors or a simple wallpaper pattern. This is so your walls will serve as a coordinated backdrop to support your theme or style.

However, if your furniture is basic, walls treated with either bold painted colors or bold wallpaper prints can create a personality and visual interest that furniture may lack. Here is how you go about creating a great, cohesive look and environment for your baby’s room.

Paint It. A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive way to make a room look transformed as well as clean and up to date. Paint is also versatile in that you can add decorative touches. Decorative touches would include adding a stenciled design, sponging on another paint over your base paint, or adding a chair rail. A chair rail offers a decorative touch on its own, but also allows you to treat the upper and lower portions of your wall with two separate, coordinating treatments. For example, you may find a wallpaper print that you love, but decide it may be overwhelming if it covered every square in of your wall space. This is where a chair rail can be your solution, whereas you only use the wallpaper above or below the chair rail, and painting the other portion with a coordinating paint.

Stenciling is a great and cost effective way to make a statement on your painted walls. Craft stores have numerous stencil design kits, as well as rubber stamping kits with nursery themes. A solid colored painted wall may look good on its own, but may even look more appealing with a stencil design along the top of the wall, in the middle, or even along door or window moldings. You don’t have to be an artist to use a stencil kit or stamping kit!

Wall Murals, while a great nursery wall treatment, they usually require more skill than stenciling. They are more time consuming and complex. You can hire a professional or a student from a local art class. Ask for references. However, craft stores now offer paint by the numbers mural kits.

Wallpaper or Wallcoverings come in an array of patterns, colors, and themes. Popular patterns for the baby’s room include ones based on animals, nursery rhymes, and alphabet-numbers motifs. Many baby wallpaper designs also have coordinating fabrics for baby room curtains, baby bedding, rugs and other accessories.

It is best to choose a wallpaper that is rated as washable and scrubbable. Vinyl wallcoverings are great because the material is durable and washable. When shopping for wallpaper, be sure to know you wall dimensions. Also take along any swatch material that you have of your baby’s bedding, curtains, or other accessories. It is always a good idea to take along a picture of your baby’s room as well.

Wall Accessories

Wall Accessories add decorative touches to your baby room wall treatment. Baby room wall accessories would include wall art, pictures, clocks, and shelving. You can also use a quilt or fabric based item and display it by hanging it on the wall. To maintain the fabric’s form, simply attach it to a pressboard. You can even display them in a glass frame, if it creates more of an appeal. This method would also provide a more finished look, as well as being easier to keep clean.


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