Baby Room Wall Stickers Ideas


Murals have always been so popular for decorating nurseries but most of us just don’t have the artistic abilities to pull one off. I can’t even paint clouds on the wall! I always end up making a blob of white paint on a blue background. I certainly do not have the money to hire a professional painter either. If you want the nursery to look amazing but you lack the time and money to do murals on the wall, why not go for baby room wall stickers?

These stickers come in different sizes; you can even find jumbo stickers that can occupy a large area of the wall. What I love about baby room wall stickers is that they are so affordable. Even parents who are on a tight budget will be able to enjoy decorating the nursery with whatever theme they have in mind. These stickers will provide instant makeover to any room at a fraction of the cost. It only takes a couple of minutes to peel and stick them onto the walls and the best part is they can be removed just as quickly once you decide to change the overall theme of the room.

Since baby room wall stickers are not that expensive, you can purchase multiple coordinating stickers to make a room look like a million bucks. All you have to do is paint the nursery with a base pastel color and then let your artistic side take over. If you want a princess theme for your little girl, you can look for castle and princess wall stickers. There are hundreds of designs to choose from so take your time until you find something that will match the theme of your daughter’s room.

Another great thing I love about baby room wall stickers is that they can be repositioned at any time and they never leave behind any sticky residue once removed. So if you made a mistake in positioning the sticker, don’t worry because you can easily peel it off and place it where you think it looks best.

I know you want to put all the cute stickers on the nursery’s wall but don’t overdo it or else it will look messy and unpleasant. You don’t want your baby’s room to look overly cluttered. Go easy on the jumbo wall stickers; do not place them on every wall of the room. Maybe you can pick one accent wall and the rest, keep them simple by putting small stickers. For example, one wall will have the huge castle and the rest will have small butterflies and flowers decals.


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