Babies Stylish in Diapers?


Many parents love dressing their babies and toddlers in onesies that really show off both their and their baby’s personality. Baby clothing is made with millions of designs and emblems, but many parents are surprised to learn that diapers can have the same flexibility.

Disposable diapers are extremely easy to take of your baby and toss in the trash, but that also creates a huge carbon footprint. In addition they are made in only a few designs. Even with the new “jean diapers” your baby will surely be one of thousands that are wearing the exact same brand of diaper. With reusable organic cloth diapers parents can use the same diaper between 75 and 100 times. This can equate to a savings of over five hundred dollars yearly versus the disposable ones. Also, because they are designed with cotton, and because they are made to be used for months they come designed with everything from the Chicago Bulls to Desperate Housewives. There is an excellent resource online that actually focuses on all of the pros and cons of disposable versus organic cloth diapers, check them out and they will walk you through the entire process.

Almost as important as reusable baby diapers is reusable swim diapers for toddlers. Most parents quickly purchase the disposable swim diapers thinking that they are doing the most reasonable thing, but oftentimes the reusables will be a much better choice. First and formost they do not contain gels that disposable swimming diapers do. This will often cause the pool filters to clog unnecessarily. Also, because they are also designed to last much longer than the disposables, they also come in hundreds of different designs. There are even reusable diapers that will come built right into the swim suit. This makes taking your toddler on a swim a much easier trip.

Reusable swim diapers do require a bit more care than the disposables. Instead of quickly being thrown into the trash they do require the “contents” to be emptied into a toilet or garbage. After that process the diapers can be quickly washed and then air dried. There are a number of websites that cater to the purchase of reusable swim diapers, but this site will also really inform you objectively of the advantages. The time that it takes to decide which are best for you and your family are definitely worth it. Reusable swim diapers can also save up to about twenty dollars monthly which can be put to much better use for your new larger family.


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