Babies Birthday Cakes Ideas and Designs


Deciding on what to make for your babies birthday cake can be hard for some because there are so many different choices available. If your child loves a particular character, that may make it a bit easier because you can make the birthday cake in the shape of the babies favorite character. Your child will love seeing their cake that is decorated to look just like the character that they love so much. Here are numerous childrens birthday cakes that are all decorated to look like various characters. There are pictures and instruction on how to make them and chances are your babies favorite TV or movie character can be found there.

Now, if you baby is into something such as trains or dinosaurs, you may want to make a train cake or a dinosaur cake. Here you can find many different kids birthday cakes in all kinds of different shapes and forms. There are also pictures and instructions for how to make each cake.

If you are not too sure you will be able to decorate the cake yourself, you can also use cake toppers. They come in so many different themes and characters, you are sure to find one that will suit your child. This will cut down immensely on the amount of work and time that you have to put into decorating the kids birthday cake, but it is still going to be something that will delight the baby and it is still going to look great.

Finally, you may want to make a cake that matches a certain interest of the birthday child. You can make Sports birthday cake designs such as baseball cakes in the shape of a ball and bat or a football field cake. The possibilities really are endless. You are limited only by your imagination. When you are getting ready to make your kids birthday cake, make sure you take a look around this birthday cakes site for lots of great ideas and inspiration and also pictures and instructions for how to make the cakes.


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