50+ Free Baby Knitting Patterns


Knitting for babies is one of the most exciting kinds of knitting projects. From hats and booties to baby blankets and sweaters, little ones need a little bit of everything… And you can take advantage of all these wonderful knitting designs by browsing these free baby knitting patterns!

If you’re knitting for a newborn, you can make a cute hat using the Tiny Angel Hat pattern, or you can knit them a Maile Sweater. If you’re looking for something cute and snuggly, look no further than the Hoodie Baby Blanket. There’s something for every occasion in this collection of free knitting patterns for babies.

Once you see all these pint-sized knitting designs, the hardest part will be deciding which ones to make. If you have a little one in your life, these baby knitting patterns cannot be beaten. Each free newborn knitting pattern is so sweet and will make your wee one feel nice and cozy.

Whether you’re interested in making a pair of baby booties, knit hat, knit sweater, snuggly baby blanket, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these can’t-miss knit baby patterns.

If a precious baby in your life has arrived a little early, mama might have a lot of things on her mind. She might be wondering what kinds of special care her little one will need, how many new bills she’ll have to take care of, and most importantly, how healthy her little one is. Maybe you’re the mother and, right now, it feels like your knitting needles are the only tools that can help you through this. These free knitting patterns for premature babies should help bring both mommy and the little one some comfort.

The birth of a child should be a cause for excitement no matter what the circumstances, so it’s time to treat it like one! There’s always going to be plenty to stress about, but there’s so much more to celebrate. In this case, we’re lucky to live in a day and age where free preemie patterns are abounds, and they’re cuter than ever. From free preemie hat patterns to preemie baby booties, there’s so much you can do to keep your hands and needles busy as the little one adjusts to his or her bright, new world.

The best part about these patterns is that you can make premature baby sets out of them; any one of these hats, sweaters, booties and blankets can be mixed-and-matched to create the most adorable little gift set, which will be a welcome happiness for a stressed mom in the first few weeks of her preemie’s life. Click around and find your favorites, or patterns that best match the nursery, to make the perfect premature baby sets.


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