120+ Free Baby Knitting Patterns


Knitting for babies is one of the most exciting types of knitting projects. From hats and shoes to baby blankets and jumpers, the little ones need a bit of everything… And you can take advantage of all these wonderful knit designs by browsing through over 120 free baby knitting patterns!

If you’re knitting for a newborn, you can knit a cute hat with the pattern tiny angel hat or a mile jumper. If you’re looking for something cute and cuddly, you’re in the right place with the hoodie baby blanket. There is something for every occasion in this collection of baby knit patterns.

Once you’ve seen all of these pin-sized knit designs, it’s going to be hardest to decide which ones to do. If you have a child in your life, these baby knitting patterns are hard to beat. Every free neonatal knitting pattern is so cute that it makes you feel at home.

Whether you want to make a pair of baby shoes, a knit hat, a knit sweater, a cuddly baby blanket or something in between, we have it all for you. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these unmistakable knitting patterns for babies.

Pom Pom Newborn Hat

This Pom Pom Newborn Hat is a simple knit pattern for baby hats. This baby knit hat is knit in Stockinette-Stitch and is easy enough for beginners to get the hang of it quickly and easily for experienced knitters to finish one evening. Since this is such a fast knitting pattern, it is also a perfect charity project. This free knit pattern was originally developed for donations to hospitals and is offered in newborn size. It is therefore the perfect gift for a brand new baby. Or knit these hats for charity and feel comfortable with your knitting project.

Two Teensy Baby Sets

These Two Teensy Baby Sets are adorable and tiny. Designed for a little newborn or premature baby, these baby knit patterns include a cute baby gown, a baby headband and a baby hat. You will also receive two versions of baby dress and baby hat. So that’s 5 patterns in one! Just follow these free knit patterns and you will make the smallest, most precious baby clothes you have ever seen. Although they are simple knit patterns, they are still so detailed that they look tender and lovely.

Ear Flap Baby Hat

This earflap baby hat is a simply adorable knit pattern for baby hats. With too cute earflaps and a pom pom top, this free knit pattern has enough detail to be interesting and attractive, but is easy enough for beginners to master. Crafted from bulky yarn on large needles, this knit pattern is perfect for making Christmas gifts for friends and family. In addition, the super voluminous yarn makes this knitted baby hat nicely cuddly and keeps the baby warm all winter.

Sunday Best Baby Dress

This Sunday Best Baby Dress is an adorable knit pattern for baby dresses that is fancy and customizable. Originally knit in blue and white in a size of 12 months, this free knit pattern can be executed in any color palette and size you want. Simply adjust this intermediate knit pattern as per the instructions. This dress would be a nice present for a grandchild as a Sunday dress or a stylish party dress. This baby knit pattern features a wavy lace pattern around the skirt and has enough detail to keep it interesting without being too complicated.

Newborn Cozy Cap

The Newborn Cozy Cap is the ideal knitting pattern for babies. With this knit cap made of quality yarn tested for harmful substances, your child feels like a bug in a carpet. The body of the hat is stocking stitched with an edge of seed sting, and a contrasting pom-pom completes it stylishly. If you’re going to a baby shower soon, you should not miss this free knit cap pattern. The expectant mom will surely love the care and consideration for your gift. The gray color makes this hat perfect for boys and girls. You can change the color of the pompom to your liking and get started.

Lazy Wavy Baby Blanket

The Lazy Wavy Baby Blanket is the perfect gift for every little one in your life. The light blue color is an absolute eye-catcher and the subtle chevron design really sets this baby blanket pattern apart from the crowd. This simple baby blanket pattern is quick and easy, so you get a nice finished product in no time. The light blue color makes this pattern a perfect complement to a modern nursery. Every baby will love cuddling in this super-soft knit blanket. So do not be surprised if this pattern quickly becomes a favorite that your child always likes.


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